17beta is a community and an informative web site about transsexualism. It is named after 17β-estradiol (also known as just “estradiol”), the main endogenous estrogen in humans of both sexes. The site is focused on scientific information supported by the literature. Browse using the links at the top.

I make this website for free with the intention that it will be useful for transsex people. However, VPS and domain name costs me money that I pay out of pocket, money that I would otherwise use for my own transition and other living expenses. If you want to help with paying for the costs of hosting, please donate via Bitcoin to the address 16CcLt78dHAfdAGSmxCnthWemJ42i9eptb. The running cost is approximately 3.15 EUR per month (varies depending on exchange rates).

Community and our chat room

We have a XMPP chat room: trans@muc.snopyta.org for the exchange of ideas and experiences and general conversation. If you sympathize with our vision (even if you do not embody it currently), we invite you to join. What sets our community apart is:


XMPP is a decentralized protocol for instant messaging. You can register an account in the server of your choice, or run your own server. For a list of public servers, see https://list.jabber.at/. I recommend Gajim as a client. For a list of other clients see https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html.

Although there are centralized instant messaging applications more popular than XMPP, we choose XMPP because it gives users control over their communications, whereas centralized applications put the users at the whim of a company which is free to censor them or invade their privacy as it pleases.

Other resources

Online HRT sellers

I can not vouch for these vendors, as I have not used them.


Please contact me if you are skilled in technical writing, you are knowlegdeable in some aspect of transsexualism (pharmacology, surgery, dating or just living as a trans person) and you want to contribute your knowledge to other trans people. I will be glad to add your contributions in this web site if they are of good quality, with due credit.

About the author

I am a Mexican MTF transsexual. I started HRT at 22 years of age. I did not start earlier because of ignorance that it could be done. My main interest is mathematics. I also like physics, chemistry and related areas of engineering, especially electrical power systems. I am vegetarian for moral reasons. Occasionally I contribute code to free software projects. I keep a repository of computer-verified proofs. I like Eastern Slav culture (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine).

You can reach me via e-mail through the address in my OpenPGP key or via XMPP (Jabber) thorugh the address ksenia@snopyta.org (not an e-mail address!).